Why is IVPN agent daemon always running?

    The IVPN App has a client-server architecture. The IVPN agent runs as a daemon and is responsible for establishing connections, spawning OpenVPN processes, managing WireGuard interfaces, handling firewall rules, etc., whilst the client UI that you interact with is a separate component that communicates with the agent.

    Disabling the helper agent will cause the IVPN App to cease functioning. In order to implement various security features, such as the Always-On firewall, it is important that the agent daemon is always running.

    Please note that by following the instructions below, the IVPN App and the privacy and security features it provides, like the Always-On firewall, will no longer function correctly.
    1. Quit the IVPN client by clicking on the menu bar icon and selecting Quit.

    2. Stop the agent daemon by opening the macOS system Settings > General > Login Items and toggling the IVPN or Privatus Limited entry to OFF. Confirm the change with your macOS user password or biometrics.

    Re-enable the agent daemon by toggling that name login item entry to ON. Confirm the change with your macOS user password or biometrics, then open the IVPN App and click on the Retry.. button.

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