The all new IVPN Client v2.0 for Windows

After much hard work we are proud to present our new IVPN Client for Windows. Behind the completely reworked user interface and improved stability we are thrilled to introduce the IVPN Firewall. When enabled it completely protects your data from leaking outside of the secure VPN tunnel, no matter what.

Please note that this release is for Windows only, we are already working on a similar update for the Mac OSX IVPN client that should be available in the next few months.

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America’s worst ‘anti-online-privacy’ politicians

Every year or so we take a look at which US politicians are making a concerted effort to destroy what little privacy we have left on the web. From CISPA-supporters, to Snowden-haters, these are the people who have firmly planted their flag in the anti-online privacy camp, preferring to support entities who are pushing for surveillance and the curtailing of online freedoms. Some of these politicians are historical offenders, with a track record that stretches over decades, while others are new to the debate. Either way, they all deserved to be named and shamed. So read on and let the hate flow through you.

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Internet Censorship Around the World

In 2013, Freedom House released a ‘Freedom on the Net’ report, detailing internet censorship and restrictions around the world. In the report, each country was awarded a ‘Freedom on the Net’ score out of 100. This was based on three different metrics – limits placed on online content, obstacles to internet access, and violations of user rights. Based on this score, countries were then graded as Free, Partly Free, or Not Free. Some countries – those in grey – were not included in the report.

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UK citizens: If you care about online privacy you have 24 hours to do two simple things

The UK is currently one of the worst countries in Europe when it comes to pushing online surveillance laws (if not the worst). Don’t let them get away with more of this bullshit without voicing your opposition. Now’s the time to press a few buttons in the name of online privacy.

If you’re from the UK and you’re reading this blog post then you probably have already heard of the UK government’s attempt to rush through new online surveillance measures, in a move that has been widely condemned by activists and privacy conscious politicians as undemocratic and non-transparent. The legislation is now heading into the House of Commons. If you care about this stuff there are two really quick things you can do to make sure you express your opposition!

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A Quick Infographic Guide to FCC Corruption

The incestuous relationship between the Federal Communications Commission, and the telecommunications industry it’s supposed to regulate, is very well documented. Numerous FCC executives and employees have left the organisation only to be employed at Comcast and other telcos, while the FCC itself is being run by the former head of lobby groups that would like nothing more than to see net neutrality ground into the dust.

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Heartbleed – What passwords to change

Graphic updated on 16/04 @ 17:37 CEST – (Netflix changes)

The Heartbleed bug – a major security flaw in OpenSSL – has seriously disrupted the online community this week. OpenSSL is one of the most popular pieces of encryption software, and the bug has potentially exposed millions of user details to hackers.

Some online service providers acted quickly, patching the flaw as soon as it was announced. However, many others have yet to act.

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