Introducing the IVPN client v2.4 for Windows & OSX

We’re thrilled to releasing major new updates to our IVPN client for Windows and OSX. We’ve listened carefully to customers and this release addresses almost every feature request we’ve had in the past year. We’ve put extra effort onto the OSX client as it has previously not received as much attention as the windows client. That’s also changing as both clients are built from a common code base. All future releases of the IVPN client software will be for both OSX and Windows at the same time. To facilitate this we have aligned the OSX client version with that of the windows version, 2.4.

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Multihop v2 network now available

We’re extremely excited to launch the much anticipated multihop v2 network today. This new network has been built from scratch to offer the highest levels of performance and privacy based on our experience running a VPN network over the last 6 years.

Every server in the network is now both an entry and exit server. When you connect you can choose both where your data will enter into our network and where it will exit providing significantly more flexibility over our existing 3 location setup. Multihop is an important privacy  technology as it makes traffic analysis significantly more difficult for adversaries to correlate traffic entering our network with that exiting it. Adversaries would at a minimum require access to the data centers in two different jurisdictions at them same time to identify the source of a connection.

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Port forwarding reservations now available

Today we are excited to release the first of many upgrades to our network, reservation based port forwarding. Port forwarding is an advanced feature for customers who need to run servers whilst connected to IVPN (for more info see what is port forwarding?).

Please note: If you do not understand port forwarding then you almost certainly do not require it and we strongly recommend that you leave it disabled as it can introduce security risks.

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20% Faster & [Windows] 10% Less Secure

Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 10 has been making waves in the tech world. With an estimated adoption rate of 20.1% in the first 12 months it is a safe bet to say that Windows 10 will be coming soon to a desktop, laptop or tablet near you. While the speed and efficiency benefits of Windows 10 are evident, we must ask ourselves what security implications this brings?

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Scheduled server maintenance – June 2015

In preparation for the new multihop network we need to perform maintenance on several servers. Expected downtime is less than 30 mins per server. Only the servers listed below will be affected. Any active connections to the servers below will be disconnected at the time of the upgrade. All times shown using 24-hour clock.
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The all new IVPN Client v2.0 for Windows

After much hard work we are proud to present our new IVPN Client for Windows. Behind the completely reworked user interface and improved stability we are thrilled to introduce the IVPN Firewall. When enabled it completely protects your data from leaking outside of the secure VPN tunnel, no matter what.

Please note that this release is for Windows only, we are already working on a similar update for the Mac OSX IVPN client that should be available in the next few months.

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