Who is behind IVPN?

IVPN is run by a team of information security experts and privacy activists. The founding team is a group of security professionals who met whilst studying information security at the University of London, UK (Royal Holloway). IVPN has been around since 2009, far longer than most VPN services.


What we believe

Privacy is necessary for personal autonomy

We believe privacy is a necessary precondition for the development and preservation of the self. The power to selectively reveal oneself to the world is under attack from governments and corporations. We are fighting back.

Freedom is necessary for an open society

We believe you have the right to freedom of opinion and expression online without interference or surveillance. Freedom leads to enhanced expressions of creativity and original thought. We are determined to protect this right.

Surveillance can not be the answer

Advanced surveillance tools like device monitoring and facial recognition technologies are being deployed at a rapid pace. We refuse to accept that these tools are necessary for a safe society and call on governments to roll back their use.

Privacy requires strong security

We need tools enabled by strong encryption to protect ourselves against hostile adversaries. With the right set of protections we can once again control what we share with those we don’t know and can’t trust.

Our current team is fully distributed, with 10 people from 7 countries.
Nicholas Pestell

Nicholas Pestell LinkedIn LinkedIn GitHub GitHub

Nick is founder and CEO of IVPN and 100% owner of IVPN Limited, the company through which the IVPN service is operated. Nick brings considerable expertise in risk management and security testing whilst working for Royal Bank of Scotland, Network Rail and ABN AMRO Bank.
Eduard De

Eduard De LinkedIn LinkedIn

As the leader of our customer service department, Edward is responsible for making sure all customer inquiries are dealt with in a swift and professional manner, no matter when they come through.
Iain Douglas

Iain Douglas GitHub GitHub

With over 20 years’ experience working with Unix and Linux, Iain knows a thing or two. He manages the team responsible for ensuring the security and availability of our public VPN infrastructure.
Gorka Pernas

Gorka Pernas LinkedIn LinkedIn GitHub GitHub

After gathering more than a decade of experience in quality assurance-related roles at technology firms, Gorka now applies his knowledge in helping the IVPN team ship bug-free apps and making sure you suffer no privacy leaks.
Natanael Rodriguez

Natanael Rodriguez GitHub GitHub

With over 15 years of experience in software development, Nathan now uses his skills to tackle all backend related projects at IVPN.
Juraj Hilje

Juraj Hilje GitHub GitHub

As an unapologetic Apple fan and believer in smooth user experience, it was a natural choice for Juraj to get into iOS development a decade ago. Now he’s obsessed with building the best VPN app available on the App Store.
Oleksandr Stelnykovych

Oleksandr Stelnykovych LinkedIn LinkedIn GitHub GitHub

Stenya has more than 15 years of experience as a software developer in various roles. At IVPN, he is working on building the best VPN applications for Windows and macOS desktops.
Jordan Sullivan

Jordan Sullivan GitHub GitHub

As a customer service shift leader for the Americas, Jordan uses his problem solving-based technical support skills to help anyone in need of clear and patient assistance.
Marina Tretiakova

Marina Tretiakova LinkedIn LinkedIn

As finance specialist, Marina not only ensures that IVPN’s books are in order, but she is also responsible for developing business processes, performing internal controls and ensuring statutory compliance.
Viktor Vecsei

Viktor Vecsei LinkedIn LinkedIn GitHub GitHub

A reformed marketing professional, Viktor has become a fervent privacy advocate since joining IVPN. He is responsible for all communication and outreach efforts that spread the word about IVPN’s mission.
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