Configuring the IVPN app to autoconnect

    IVPN desktop apps can be configured to autoconnect when the application is started or as soon as the IVPN daemon/service is started.

    The last option can be especially useful to those who prefer to control the app via CLI/terminal commands and have their system connected to the VPN server as quickly as possible, during the system boot up or when the user is logged into the system (depends on the OS).

    The basic autoconnect functionality can be enabled in the app’s Settings - General area by having both Launch at login and Autoconnect on launch options checked.

    By additionally enabling the Allow background daemon to manage autoconnect option, the connection to the VPN server will be established as soon as the IVPN app’s daemon is started:

    • Linux: during system boot up
    • macOS: user is logged into the system
    • Windows: during system boot up (on Cold Startup) or user session is started

    This option can also be enabled via the following CLI/terminal command:

    ivpn autoconnect -on_launch on

    The same logic is applied when using the Wi-Fi Control feature (Trusted Networks) together with the Allow background daemon to apply WiFi Control settings option enabled.

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