What makes IVPN so fast?

    The IVPN network was designed to be as fast as possible to encourage customers to remain connected 24/7. We have researched the international wholesale bandwidth markets to find network providers with the most reliable and high performance tier 1 bandwidth. Premium bandwidth is expensive but this is the foundation for a fast service. Consider the following about speed:

    • It is commonly misunderstood that speed = capacity. If someone asks how fast is your connection and you say 30Mb/s then you are referring to the capacity or bandwidth of the connection, not the speed. The combination of latency and bandwidth gives the perception of how fast a connection is. So bandwidth refers to how wide the pipe is, not how fast it is. Latency is the delay caused by the time it takes for a packet to travel from the source to the destination. Together, latency and bandwidth define the speed of a network.

    • Bandwidth and latency are related. If the bandwidth is saturated then congestion occurs and latency is increased. However, if the bandwidth of a connection is not saturated, the latency will not decrease. Bandwidth can always be increased but latency cannot be decreased. Use the ping utility to measure the latency between your device and our servers.

    • We’ve placed VPN servers as physically close to our customer base as possible and continually revise existing and new locations for opportunities to get servers closer to customers thereby decreasing the latency and increasing the speed of our VPN service.

    • We build VPN servers which can easily handle the heavy encryption overhead for hundreds of users simultaneously. We have a minimum server specification which includes multi-core Xeon processors.

    • We maintain an extremely low subscriber ratio per server to ensure that performance does not decline at peak periods. The majority of our servers operate at a fraction of their capacity to allow for bursts during high demand periods.

    • Finally, high performance relies on constant monitoring to forward plan capacity and resolve communication problems as close to real time as possible. We’ve implemented a 24/7 enterprise class monitoring system to alert our network engineers of any issues and allow us to spot trends and ensure we can always meet our customers expectations.

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