Error Connecting to IVPN Daemon

    In some cases, rebooting the computer system is enough to encourage the IVPN App’s daemon/service to behave as expected.

    For Linux systems, the IVPN App’s base package ivpn may need to be updated if the graphical interface package ivpn-ui has a higher version number. Update the app’s base package.

    In other cases, restarting the daemon/service may help. Here are steps to restart the IVPN App’s daemon/service manually:


    1. Click the Windows or Start button and type services.msc
    2. Right-click the Services app and select Run as Administrator
    3. Look for the IVPN Client service in the list on the right, then right-click on it and choose to restart (if currently in Enabled state) or enable (if in Disabled state)
    4. Close the properties window, the Services window, and any other windows that were opened in this process
    5. Open the IVPN App. Click “Retry” on the app’s window if necessary


    Run this command in a Terminal (Finder > Applications > Utilities > Terminal):

    sudo launchctl enable system/net.ivpn.client.Helper

    Note: The sudo portion of the command requires your macOS password.

    Also check that the IVPN App’s agent is set to run. Visit the macOS system Settings > General > Login Items area and toggle the IVPN or Privatus Limited entry to ON. Confirm the change with your macOS user password or biometrics, then open the IVPN App and click on the Retry.. button.

    Linux (systemd):

    In a Terminal, run this command:

    sudo systemctl restart ivpn-service.service

    If the IVPN App’s daemon/service error persists on Windows, macOS, or Linux, reinstalling the app might help. Generally, we recommend uninstalling the app, rebooting the computer system, then reinstalling the app.

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