Installing IVPN on Fedora Silverblue

    Fedora Silverblue is unique because it uses an immutable filesystem and an ostree-based package management system. This means that the system files cannot be modified once they are installed, ensuring greater stability and security of the operating system.

    IVPN client can be installed on Fedora Silverblue using rpm-ostree.

    Commands to install the IVPN client on Fedora Silverblue:

    # Add the IVPN repository
    cd /etc/yum.repos.d/
    sudo wget

    # install IVPN client rpm-ostree install ivpn # install UI for IVPN client, if required rpm-ostree install ivpn-ui

    # reboot system systemctl reboot

    # enable IVPN service to start automatically sudo systemctl enable ivpn-service # start IVPN stervice sudo systemctl start ivpn-service

    To correctly uninstall ‘ivpn’ package on Fedora Silverblue, extra steps should be performed manually:

    # logout from ivpn account
    ivpn logout

    # uninstall IVPN client rpm-ostree uninstall ivpn

    # uninstall IVPN User Interface (if installed) rpm-ostree uninstall ivpn-ui

    # stop and disable IVPN service sudo systemctl stop ivpn-service sudo systemctl disable ivpn-service

    # manualy remove leftovers sudo rm -fr /etc/opt/ivpn sudo rm -fr /var/log/ivpn

    # reboot system systemctl reboot

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