Command Line Client FAQ

    1. How do I log in?

      ivpn login


      ivpn login < IVPN Account ID >

      The IVPN Account ID is available via the Client Area or sign up today.

    2. How do I log out?

      ivpn logout
    3. How do I see available servers?

      ivpn servers
      ivpn servers Paris
      ivpn servers land
      ivpn servers -country "United States"
      ivpn servers -protocol ovpn
      ivpn servers -protocol WireGuard
    4. How do I connect?

      ivpn connect -fastest
      ivpn connect Tokyo
      ivpn connect -country_code -any US
      ivpn connect -protocol WireGuard -city London
      ivpn connect
    5. How do I disconnect?

      ivpn disconnect
    6. How do I use the firewall?

      ivpn firewall -status
      ivpn firewall -on
      ivpn firewall -off
      ivpn firewall -lan_allow
      ivpn firewall -lan_block
    7. How do I manage WireGuard keys?

      ivpn wgkeys -status
      ivpn wgkeys -regenerate
      ivpn wgkeys -rotation_interval 2

      Check our WireGuard FAQ for more information.

    8. How do I use the AntiTracker?

      ivpn antitracker -on
      ivpn antitracker -off
      ivpn antitracker -on_hardcore

      Check our AntiTracker FAQ for more information.

    9. How do I use a custom DNS server?

      ivpn dns
      ivpn dns -off
      You cannot use Custom DNS together with AntiTracker as once the latter is enabled, it will override the IP address you have specified.
    10. How do I use a different protocol and port?

      Different combinations are available for different VPN protocols.

      • OpenVPN: UDP:53, UDP:80, UDP:443, UDP:1194, UDP:2049, UDP:2050, TCP:80, TCP:443, TCP:1443
      • WireGuard: UDP:53, UDP:80, UDP:443, UDP:1194, UDP:2049, UDP:2050, UDP:30587, UDP:41893, UDP:48574, UDP:58237
      ivpn connect -protocol OpenVPN -port TCP:443
      ivpn connect -protocol WireGuard -port UDP:53

      TCP and UDP offer different connection benefits. Check this article for more details.

    11. How do I Multi-hop entering in Brazil and exiting in Canada?

      ivpn connect -exit_svr
      Entry and exit servers must be in different countries.

      Multi-hop is available with IVPN Pro plans. Upgrade today.

    12. How do I enable obfsproxy?

      ivpn -o connect


      ivpn -obfsproxy connect
    13. How do I manage logs?

      ivpn logs -show
      ivpn logs -on
      ivpn logs -off

      Logs are stored:

      • Linux: /opt/ivpn/log/IVPN_Agent.log
    14. How do I check my account status?

      ivpn account
    15. How do I get help?

      ivpn -h
      ivpn -h -full
      ivpn connect -h
      ivpn servers -h
      ivpn firewall -h
      ivpn wgkeys -h
      ivpn dns -h
      ivpn antitracker -h
      ivpn logs -h

    Contact our support department 24/7 with any questions.

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