WireGuard Port Forwarding enabled

Releases By Viktor Vecsei | Posted on February 16, 2022

July 2023 update: Port Forwarding is being phased out from the IVPN service and is no longer offered to new customers.
You can find more information in a blog post about this change.

After the recent addition of Multi-Hop for WireGuard, we are now introducing port forwarding support for Wireguard. Port forwarding allows incoming connections on a specific port, enabling you to run various services on your device that need to be accessible from the Internet. This feature comes with potential threats, so we suggest reviewing our brief introduction to port forwarding.

You can enable port forwarding for both WireGuard and OpenVPN by logging in and visiting the Port Forwarding tab in your client area.

Please note that WireGuard port forwarding will not be activated automatically until you have disconnected all your active sessions at least once. After doing so please wait 10 mins and reconnect using your chosen protocol.

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Independent security audit concluded

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IVPN applications are now open source

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Beta IVPN Linux app released

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Launch of IVPN Light - short-term VPN access paid with BTC Lightning Releases

Launch of IVPN Light - short-term VPN access paid with BTC Lightning

Posted on September 15, 2023 by Viktor Vecsei

Equipped with a BTC Lightning wallet and some sats, you can now set up an IVPN WireGuard tunnel in minutes without creating an account or sharing any personal information. Benefits of using IVPN Light: Short duration access option, you can get a “throwaway” VPN tunnel for 3 hours or up to 30 days duration Priced in sats and affordable - you can purchase access for as little as 500 sats (3 hours) Access up to 5 locations or 1 entry-exit node MultiHop combination with one payment No account required - we only keep a record of your Lightning payment on our self-hosted BTCPayServer, no personal information is collected Differences versus a regular IVPN subscription:
Introducing quantum resistant WireGuard connections in IVPN apps Releases

Introducing quantum resistant WireGuard connections in IVPN apps

Posted on August 7, 2023 by Alexandr Stelnykovych Viktor Vecsei

Quantum computing poses a threat to VPN security due to its potential to break traditional encryption algorithms much faster. In an attempt to mitigate this risk and provide quantum resistance, a PresharedKey (PSK) is now used in addition to existing encryption.
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