New IVPN apps for macOS and Windows

Releases By Viktor Vecsei | Posted on March 25, 2021

Today marks the release of new macOS and Windows desktop apps that improve on the previous IVPN experience in a number of ways. It’s easier to search for and discover servers to connect to, frequently used settings became more accessible and we provide better visual verifications of your connected status. A new QR code based setup method, first added to our mobile apps, is now also available in the desktop apps.

The goal with this project was to deliver a secure and intuitive app experience using a single unified code base for Linux, macOS and Windows. New IVPN for macOS and Windows versions (v3.3.1) are now available to download and install from our website or through checking for updates in the apps manually.

Please note that the new IVPN desktop apps do not support 32-bit operating system versions. If you are on such a system we recommend either upgrading to a 64-bit OS, or keeping current IVPN versions to continue using our service.

An overview on the most important changes in the new IVPN desktop apps:

  1. A map is now available for selecting servers. Your new public IP and location is visible in the app. Firewall and AntiTracker settings, along with protocol switching is easy to access.

  2. Server selection now offers search, server sorting and favorite servers options. You can also set the locations to exclude for Fastest server connection.

  3. Dark theme is now available on IVPN for Windows.

  4. New account page featuring a QR code for quick setup on other devices.

As with all our apps, IVPN for macOS and Windows are open source. Review the source code and contribute on our GitHub page.

You can also contact us to share your experience or report any issues with the new apps.

IVPN Staff

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