How to Disable Enhanced App Authentication (EAA)

    Via the IVPN App’s Graphical Interface

    Go to the app’s Settings > Advanced > Enhanced App Authentication area and click the Disable button, enter the EAA password, then click the Disable button.

    Via the IVPN App’s Command-line Interface (CLI)

    Open a Command Prompt or Terminal and type ivpn eaa -off, type the EAA password, then press Enter/Return.

    When the EAA Password is Lost

    Two options are available:

    • Use Windows Administrator access or macOS/Linux superuser (root) access to bypass the EAA password requirement to disable the EAA feature via the IVPN App directly.

      Windows: right-click on the Command Prompt icon, click Run as Administrator. Type ivpn eaa -off and press Enter

      macOS/Linux: In a Terminal, type sudo ivpn eaa -off or run ivpn eaa -off as root

    • EAA is based on single file, which is protected for reading by a standard computer account with user-level privileges. This file contains information about the EAA password. If this file does not exist, EAA is disabled. Removing this file manually will disable EAA. Only a privileged user can remove this file (Windows Administrator, macOS/Linux superuser or root).

      File locations:
      Windows: C:\Program Files\IVPN Client\etc\eaa
      macOS: /Library/Application Support/IVPN/eaa
      Linux: /opt/ivpn/mutable/eaa

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