Can I access Hulu / Netflix / BBC iPlayer using IVPN?

    A VPN service can be used to not only protect your privacy but also to gain access to services not available in your current location, such as Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, BBC, Disney+ and so on.

    IVPN, however, is focused specifically on protecting the privacy of our customers and although many customers do use IVPN to access these services we make no guarantee about the availability of these services when connected to our network.

    Most streaming services are currently on an active campaign to block all VPN and Proxy connections. They are targeting massive amounts of IPv4 addresses at this time. Due to the exhaustion of the IPv4 space and strict registrar reporting requirements, it is quickly becoming impossible to get around this block.

    In case you want to access your local streaming content while routing everything else via the VPN, this is achievable with our Split Tunnel feature by excluding the streaming application from the VPN tunnel.

    The feature is currently available in our Windows and Android apps.

    Split Tunnel rules cannot be applied on apps installed from the Microsoft Store. As a workaround, Windows users can use Split Tunnel feature to exclude the web browser from the VPN and use it to watch the streaming content instead.

    Split Tunnel uses and limitations

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