This is a difficult question to answer accurately without testing. All our servers are deployed on industry-leading tier-1 multi-gigabit networks with full-duplex gigabit ethernet interfaces. However, the performance you experience when connected to the IVPN network is based on much more than the theoretical maximum throughput of our servers.

We maintain a very low ratio of users per server to ensure sufficient bandwidth is available at all times. Most customers in the USA and Europe find that they can sustain around 70% of the underlying Internet bandwidth depending on factors such as time of day and whether the server is on the same continent. When testing always use a downloading application that can open enough download processes to saturate your connection.

For more information about the speed of our network see what makes IVPN so fast.

We offer a 3 day free trial and a 7 day money back guarantee so you are welcome to test the speed of our servers for free.