Introducing a redesigned IVPN for Android

Releases By Viktor Vecsei | Posted on September 28, 2020

After kicking off the round of releases with iOS earlier this month, today we are introducing a rebuilt IVPN app for Android. The goals for this project were similar: to deliver a solution that offers better user control, a clearer overview of connection status and location, and enables a smoother setup process.

An overview on what changed:

ivpn android interactive map

Select servers for Single- and Multi-Hop connections quicker on an interactive map

ivpn android pullup menu

Switch protocols, network protection settings and enable AntiTracker through the pull-up menu

ivpn android account management

Get an overview on your subscription and set up IVPN on other devices easier

Similarly to the iOS and iPadOS counterparts, IVPN for Android is open source. You can find the details and ways to contribute on our GitHub page.

We hope you have a smooth experience with our new Android app - please drop us a line if you have any feedback.

IVPN Staff

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IVPN offers custom DNS servers which, when accessed through the VPN ensure that your DNS queries are encrypted between your device and our DNS server. This is a necessity, as DNS queries are not encrypted by the DNS protocol and can be easily read by an adversary observing your traffic (even when using HTTPS for your web traffic).
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