A Quick Infographic Guide to FCC Corruption

The incestuous relationship between the Federal Communications Commission, and the telecommunications industry it’s supposed to regulate, is very well documented. Numerous FCC executives and employees have left the organisation only to be employed at Comcast and other telcos, while the FCC itself is being run by the former head of lobby groups that would like nothing more than to see net neutrality ground into the dust.

It’s clear. The FCC cannot be trusted to regulate on net neutrality in an impartial manner and Americans must do everything in their power to stop the likes of Tom Wheeler and his cronies from letting some of the most hated companies in the country screw-up the online eco-system. Below is an infographic  that’s designed to give a quick overview of just how intertwined the FCC, ISPs and industry lobby groups really are. A key part of winning this war is spreading as much information about the FCC’s compromised interests as we can - so please feel free to share!

A Quick Guide to FCC Corruption (click to enlarge)

A Quick Guide to FCC Corruption

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