Beta Windows IVPN Client

Releases By Ed Holden | Posted on November 21, 2013

Today we are pleased to announce the first beta of our Windows VPN client for XP/Vista/Windows 7/8. We have incorporated the most popular feature requests. All customer are invited to test the Beta version and submit any feedback. The final version which will include significantly more features should be released before the end of February 2014.

IVPN Beta Client Home ivpn-client-beta-settings


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Any plans on releasing a Mac and Linux version with the same features?

Ed Holden


Yes, we have a Mac OSX client in active development that will have the exact same feature set as the Windows client. However we have not yet starting working on a Linux client due to demand (most Linux users run OpenVPN as a service) but its very possible that we will develop one in the near future.



Are there any command line parameters for this program?

Independent security audit concluded

By Nick Pestell


IVPN applications are now open source

By Viktor Vecsei


Beta IVPN Linux app released

By Viktor Vecsei

DNS over HTTPS (DoH) support on macOS, Linux and Windows Releases

DNS over HTTPS (DoH) support on macOS, Linux and Windows

Posted on April 5, 2022 by IVPN Staff

IVPN offers custom DNS servers which, when accessed through the VPN ensure that your DNS queries are encrypted between your device and our DNS server. This is a necessity, as DNS queries are not encrypted by the DNS protocol and can be easily read by an adversary observing your traffic (even when using HTTPS for your web traffic).
WireGuard Port Forwarding enabled Releases

WireGuard Port Forwarding enabled

Posted on February 16, 2022 by Viktor Vecsei

After the recent addition of Multi-Hop for WireGuard, we are now introducing port forwarding support for Wireguard. Port forwarding allows incoming connections on a specific port, enabling you to run various services on your device that need to be accessible from the Internet.
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