IVPN to undergo extensive security audit

IVPN News By Nick Pestell | Posted on October 9, 2019

Earlier this year IVPN published results of an audit that verified our no-logging claims; we are now taking the next steps towards demonstrating trustworthiness and commitment to protecting customer privacy in a transparent way.

Today we are ready to announce that a comprehensive security audit will be performed on all of our systems starting next month (November 2019). It will be carried out by cure53, an independent firm who possess the necessary experience and expertise after completing numerous similar projects in the industry. The scope is extensive and includes:

The audit will be undertaken by six security auditors; due to its scope we expect the process to take a considerable amount of time. We forecast a conclusion early in the new year (January 2020) and aim to publish the results shortly thereafter.

Nick Pestell

Audit Security
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