This year we are working on projects that increase transparency and offer better privacy protection for our customers. In Febuary we open sourced all our client software and plan doing the same for other parts of our service. To complete the first phase of this project, we have submitted our Android client successfully to F-Droid, an open source repository for Android apps.

Members of our community suggested this step so they can bypass Google Play when using our service. With the help of F-Droid, now anyone can install our app and access important updates without any dependency on Google’s privacy-violating platform.

While preparing the submission, we have found values published by the F-Droid team that align well with our own: “F-Droid respects your privacy. We don’t track you, or your device. We don’t track what you install. You don’t need an account to use the client, and it sends no additional identifying data when talking to our web server other than its version number.”

These words have resonated with us. By writing this post, we want to highlight the privacy gains from using their platform: transparency provided by reproducible builds and the option to break free from centralized app stores.

If you are concerned about your privacy, use F-Droid for installing not just IVPN, but all apps for your Android device. If you are a developer, submitting your applications to the platform is a great move. We hope to see more privacy protecting tools published on the platform.


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Command-line interface for IVPN released

Posted on May 20, 2020 by Alexandr Stelnykovych

As privacy advocates and technologists we are constantly working on features which we think will improve the user experience of the IVPN apps. Less than a month after the release of the Linux app, we are proud to release a command-line interface (CLI) for the MacOS and Windows apps.

Beta IVPN Linux app released

Posted on April 22, 2020 by Viktor Vecsei

tl;dr: The IVPN Linux CLI app is available for testing - all feedback is welcome. IVPN apps have been available for most major platforms since the release of our iOS app back in 2017. The obvious missing piece was an app for Linux.

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