Introducing a new IVPN subscription plan

IVPN News By Viktor Vecsei | Posted on November 29, 2019

IVPN is working towards a future where mass surveillance is not a key part of our reality. To make our VPN service more accessible to customers looking for privacy protection we are introducing a new, more affordable subscription plan.

Customers signing up today have the chance to choose between IVPN Standard, covering up to 2 personal devices, and IVPN Pro covering up to 7, with additional tools such as Multi-hop and Port forwarding available.

Below is a detailed comparison of our new plans:

Plan IVPN Standard IVPN Pro
Monthly price $6 $10
Annual price $60 $100
Devices covered 2 7
All locations and protocols accessible
Port Forwarding

A note to current IVPN customers: all existing subscriptions are converted to IVPN Pro with the added benefit of 7 device coverage, improved from the previous limit of 5. Moving forward, IVPN Pro Quarterly plans cost $30 and will not be offered to new subscribers.

With any questions about our new plans please contact our customer service team directly.


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Thanks for this awesomes plans :)

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