In support of Ukraine: distributing free IVPN accounts

IVPN News By IVPN Staff | Posted on February 28, 2022

March 16 Update: Visit our dedicated Support Ukraine page to request a free IVPN account. This offer is open to anyone in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

IVPN has multiple team members hailing from Ukraine. Their reality has shifted from living and working in a peaceful environment to fleeing the country and hiding in bomb shelters in a matter of days. We are standing up for the right of self-determination and sovereignty of our colleagues and all Ukrainians. We will do our best as individuals and as a company to support them.

Beyond internal measures and this statement, we want to help anyone affected by offering free VPN service. Some digital communication channels are cut off or limited in Ukraine, and increasingly censored in Russia. We are distributing free subscriptions to anyone in these two countries so they can try to circumvent current and future limitations.

Why include Russia? While their nation is an aggressor in this conflict, we believe many Russians are against this move, and continue to look for information from outside of their country through free and unrestricted Internet access.

If you are a citizen of Ukraine, Russia or Belarus, or you reside in these countries please visit our dedicated free account request page to take up on this offer.

Furthermore, if you need information, tips or assistance on using privacy tools and anti-censorship measures, we will do our best to help.

IVPN Staff

Privacy Security
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