Better tracker blocking controls with AntiTracker Plus

Releases By Viktor Vecsei | Posted on August 7, 2023

IVPN AntiTracker is an optional feature of the VPN service that improves privacy protection by blocking requests from unwanted trackers and ads. Before today, AntiTracker operated with one blocklist option - OISD Big.

With AntiTracker Plus we introduce ten different blocklist options to choose from:

These options give you more control over the trade-off between more effective blocking and better usability.

For list combinations, you can choose from Basic, Comprehensive and Restrictive options, with each tier containing more entries that are blocked. The Restrictive option might cause websites and services to break, and is only recommended for the most privacy-conscious customers.

We build and offer blocklists using the following sources:

Please consult our AntiTracker Plus FAQ entry to learn more about list combinations and individual lists.

Getting started with Plus lists

Access the AntiTracker settings in the IVPN app. Here you can select one of the new predefined, or individual lists to use under the “Block List” option.


We recommend reviewing and testing different options to find the most fitting for your needs.

Hardcore mode, an additional AntiTracker setting that blocks all domains of Google and Facebook, is available in combination with each list option.

IVPN Staff

For AntiTracker Plus, we utilise various open-source blocklists, each owned and maintained by dedicated creators. We adhere to the provisions of their respective licenses. To learn more about these licenses, please visit the individual project pages of the resources, linked above.

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Launch of IVPN Light - short-term VPN access paid with BTC Lightning Releases

Launch of IVPN Light - short-term VPN access paid with BTC Lightning

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Equipped with a BTC Lightning wallet and some sats, you can now set up an IVPN WireGuard tunnel in minutes without creating an account or sharing any personal information. Benefits of using IVPN Light: Short duration access option, you can get a “throwaway” VPN tunnel for 3 hours or up to 30 days duration Priced in sats and affordable - you can purchase access for as little as 500 sats (3 hours) Access up to 5 locations or 1 entry-exit node MultiHop combination with one payment No account required - we only keep a record of your Lightning payment on our self-hosted BTCPayServer, no personal information is collected Differences versus a regular IVPN subscription:
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