We do not provide support in getting this functionality working on your DD-WRT router. You agree to use these scripts at your own risk.
  1. Go to ADMINISTRATION / COMMANDS / COMMAND SHELL. Enter the following commands whilst substituting the IP's you wish to bypass the VPN (each IP separated by a space character):
    nvram set no_vpn_lst=""
    nvram commit
  2. Copy the script from below into the COMMAND SHELL and click on Save Custom Script
    sleep 30
    NO_VPN_LST=`nvram get no_vpn_lst`
    [ -z "$NO_VPN_LST" ] && exit 0
    while [ $WAN_GWAY == "" ]; do
    sleep 3
    WAN_GWAY=`nvram get wan_gateway`
    ip route add default via $WAN_GWAY table 10
    for ipa in $NO_VPN_LST; do
    ip rule add from $ipa table 10
    ip route flush cache
    exit 0
  3. Reboot. Now the devices with the IP's on your list will be routed outside the OpenVPN tunnel.