1. In the dock click System Preferences
  2. In System Preferences click Network
  3. In Network click the + symbol on the bottom left
  4. Select Interface VPN
    Select VPN Type IKEv2
    Give this a Service Name to identify it by and click Create Step 4
  5. In Network fill in the Server Address using the address of one of the servers from the server status list (depending on which country you want to connect to). the Remote ID should be the same as the Server Address Step 5
  6. Click Authentication Settings ...
    1. Select Username
      Fill in your IVPN Username and password.
      Click OK Step 6
  7. In Network click Apply
  8. To connect, in network click on the adaptor created above then click Connect Step 8
  9. To Disconnect, in network click on the adaptor and then click Disconnect. Step 9
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