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Your Internet provider can track your Internet activity.
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Your Internet provider can track your Internet activity.

The privacy problem with DNS

Everytime you access a website you computer sends a request to your ISP’s DNS server or a third party DNS service (e.g. Google DNS) to translate the name of the site e.g. into an IP address such as

Unfortunately, the DNS servers run by most ISPs and their third party vendors log all internet activity associated with your account and may even legally sell this private data without your knowledge. In other cases they may choose to censor certain sites by not resolving the DNS request.

Our DNS guarantees your security & privacy

IVPN was built from day one with its own private DNS service. It doesn’t log a single URL or IP address. With IVPN’s DNS, there are simply no records to tie back to any user’s online activity. And our DNS servers are recursive (not forwarding) so we don't pass your request to any 3rd party.

The IVPN app automatically switches your operating system’s DNS resolver to use IVPN’s private DNS servers. And as an additional layer of protection against DNS leaks the IVPN firewall also blocks DNS requests to any non-IVPN servers.

You get the most secure DNS servers


Your privacy can be easily compromised by DNS leaks

Some operating systems leak DNS queries. The IVPN firewall only permits communication with IVPN DNS servers making DNS leaks impossible.


The webites you visit can’t be tracked by 3rd party DNS

Unlike cheap providers, IVPN only uses recursive, not forwarding servers, so the domains you visit are never shared with anyone and can’t be tracked.


You get censorship free access to the Internet

IVPN is dedicated to a free and open internet. Our DNS never restricts access. Your online activity is your business, not ours—or your ISP's or anyone's.


DNS lookups in milliseconds so you're never left waiting

We have DNS servers operating in every location to ensure minimal latency and the absolute fastest DNS lookups. Yes, we're obsessed with performance.


Your DNS lookups are never recorded anywhere

Our servers don't keep track of your DNS lookups in any way. If government authorities request it, we can’t give it to them — because we don’t have it.


Your DNS queries require strong encryption

Some cheap providers offer DNS over the public Internet. Our DNS are only accessible through the VPN ensuring no eavesdropping or MITM attacks.

More than 24,000+ people use IVPN daily. Here are some of their stories.

Protect yourself today and get peace of mind

Shut out hackers, identity thieves and the global government surveillance apparatus — every time you go online.