Ethical Guidelines

We consider the effects of our choices with regarding to running our service. We follow a privacy-first mindset that goes beyond the basics.

Every decision matters: how and what we communicate to new customers, what information we collect and what tools we use to improve our service. We believe in leading by example, and commit to the following:

No trackers

Trackers by ad companies and social networks monitor your actions and aid in profiling you. You won’t find them on - we are a tracking free provider.

No third-party tools

Tools like Google Analytics collect personally identifiable information. We use software hosted only on IVPN controlled servers to ensure your privacy.

No secrets

IVPN’s ownership structure and team is public, so you know who is responsible for protecting your privacy.

No false promises

Some services try to convince everyone to get a VPN and become anonymous online. We don’t advertise benefits that are not attainable by using a VPN.

No paid reviews

We have closed down our affiliate program to protest against the practice of paid reviews and misleading recommendations by “best VPN” websites.

How we attract new customers

We are committed to spreading the word about IVPN’s mission and help more people protect their privacy. Utilizing free and paid channels to reach new audiences is part of this process.

We consider marketing methods that are misleading or use personal profiling harmful, and refuse to engage in them. For this reason, we shun behavioral advertising that uses data collected in ways you might not know about and don’t advertise on Facebook and Google properties.

Examples on what we deem acceptable:

Acceptable stances

Twitter "Conversation targeting"
Contextual targeting
Reddit Subreddit “Conversation targeting”
Contextual targeting
Reddit Location targeting
Up to city level
Native advertising (recommended articles sections)
Contextual targeting
Interest-based (contextual) targeting
Contextual targeting
Podcast advertising - contextual
Direct sponsorship
Display ads through ethical ad networks
Contextual targeting


Revenue share agreement with comparison websites
Only if comprehensively reviewed by domain experts and considered after review is published

Independent websites with no pay-for-play (purchased rankings)

Not acceptable

Paid editorials
Potentially misleading and affects journalistic independence
Twitter "Behavioral targeting"
Behavioral profiling
Twitter retargeting with pixel
Sharing visitor data with Twitter
Reddit behavioral interest targeting
Behavioral profiling
Native advertising (recommended articles sections) behavioral "attribute" targeting
Behavioral profiling
Podcast advertising - individual targeting based on behavioral profile
Behavioral profiling
Affiliates through, existing networks
Leads to misleading communication
RTB and programmatic ads
Behavioral profiling, Uses data brokers
Any type of Facebook ads
Behavioral profiling
Google Search Ads
All Google ad products utilize information of your personal profile
YouTube banner ads
All Google ad products utilize information of your personal profile
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