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Your Internet provider can track your Internet activity.
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IP Address
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Your Internet provider can track your Internet activity.

Alice’s ISP can track every site she visits and so can yours.

Without a VPN you connect to the Internet through your ISP with no encryption. Every site you visit and the content that you view or download can be tracked by your ISP. Its like sending confidential messages using postcards except that unlike your post office, your ISP can record and store every message with almost zero effort and cost.

Even on public Wi-Fi your data may be intercepted by eavesdroppers or hackers. You’re exposed and your activity or personal data may be intercepted without your knowledge.

Take a look at Alice’s case in the diagram, her traffic is flowing through the ISP without any encryption and so her ISP is able to record exactly where she is connected. In addition the servers to which she is connected also log her private IP address affording her no privacy.

Bob instead uses IVPN to protect his privacy

With IVPN, you first connect to one of our secure servers through your ISP. As soon as you’re connected, all of your online activity is encrypted and untraceable. Nothing you do is monitored or logged, and your private data can’t be intercepted by spies or hackers. It’s the only safe way to surf the web.

In Bob’s case, he is connected to the IVPN server and therefore all traffic going through the ISP is encrypted. The ISP can only record that bob is connected to the IVPN server, nothing else. The servers to which he is connected see only that the IVPN server has connected to them and therefore can only record the IP address of the IVPN server in their logs. The best VPN services will diligently ensure that they do not log any user connection data ensuring absolute privacy for their customers.

IVPN is more than just a VPN service


Your privacy is and will always be our first priority

IVPN never tracks personal information or logs your online activity as verified by a team of independent security auditors.


Your privacy can be easily compromised by leaks

IVPN software automatically blocks all known privacy leaks, even recently discovered IPv6, DNS and disconnection leaks. It even disables WebRTC.


Your privacy is ensured with high performance multihop servers

Multihop is hard to implement with high performance but we've done it and no competitor comes close. No tunnels within tunnels or other cheap hacks.


Your sanity requires a VPN that can keep up with your fibre connection

Our highly optimised load balanced servers are located near our customers to decrease latency and increase speed, you won't even realize you're connected.


Your privacy requires strong encryption designed by experts

Which is why IVPN uses AES-256 encryption with 4096-bit RSA keys. New encryption keys are generated every hour providing perfect forward secrecy.


Your privacy & security depend on more than connecting to a VPN

Which is why we compile high quality privacy and security guides for our customers to follow, for all levels of experience.

Protect yourself today and get peace of mind

Shut out hackers, identity thieves and the global government surveillance apparatus — every time you go online.