This guide will help you set up an IPSec connection using IKEv2.

  1. On your iOS device, navigate to Settings -> VPN and click on the Add VPN Configuration button.
  2. Enter the following configuration:
    • Type - IKEv2
    • Description - Any description to identify VPN server
    • Server - Choose any from the server list (i.e.
    • Remote ID - Same as the Server field
    • Local ID - Empty
    • User Authentication type - Username
    • Username - Your IVPN account ID (starts with ‘ivpnXXXXXXX’)
    • Password - ivpn
    • Proxy settings - Off

    Step 2
  3. Tap Done to finalize the setup.
  4. Your newly created VPN configuration is now available. Tap on the switch button to connect or disconnect. Step 4
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