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How many simultaneous connections can I have?
By default we allow 3, however you can request more. For more info see how many simultaneous connections can I have?
Can I cancel anytime?
Yes absolutely, there is no commitment.
How easy is it to get a refund?
Really easy! Just login to the client area and cancel within 7 days of signing up. There are no other conditions. We strive to process refunds asap (normally within 24 hours). For more info see our refund policy.
What payment types do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards, Paypal, Bitcoin and cash. However paying with cash is only available when purchasing an annual subscription.
Do you offer free trials for all payment methods?
No, a free trial is only available if you signup using a credit card or Paypal.
Is my account activated immediately?
Yes, once payment has been received your account will be activated immediately.
Can I switch billing cycles anytime?
You can select a different billing cycle when renewing your VPN account.
What information do you collect?
We only require a working email address. See our privacy policy for more info.
Do you serve ads or offer a free ad-based version?
No, we are dedicated to creating a secure and private network to protect your privacy, not exploit it.
Where are your servers located?
See our server list.
Do I get access to all the servers?
Yes you can access all our VPN gateway servers and can switch between them as often as they wish with the click of a button. No need to login to the website to switch servers.
Is there any bandwidth limit?
No, you are only limited by the amount of bandwidth provided by your ISP.
Do you offer alternate ports?
Yes, we offer several alternate ports such as TCP/443, TCP/80, UDP/53.
How fast are your servers?
We have invested in the fastest servers in the industry to minimize latency and increase maximum throughput. In most cases, you should not notice any delay when connected to IVPN.
Do you offer dedicated static IP's?
No, we feel that most customers do not understand the inherent loss of privacy and anonymity associated with using a dedicated IP. When using a shared IP, your traffic is intermixed with all server traffic significantly mitigating against traffic analysis.
What operating systems do you support?
Please see our setup area for a list of supported platforms.
Help I have more questions!
Check out our main FAQ. Alternatively contact us and we'll get back to you ASAP.

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