If you signup to a recurring IVPN account, e.g. monthly or annually, and you choose to pay with PayPal you will have the option to create a 'PayPal subscription'. Many customers don't understand PayPal subscriptions and this can understandably cause frustration. The most important points to understand are:

  • A PayPal subscription is an agreement between the PayPal account holder and PayPal to pay a 3rd party merchant (in this case IVPN Limited) a fixed amount at the start of each billing period. This enables the customer to avoid having to remember to pay invoices manually.
  • You have the opportunity to create a PayPal subscription agreement when you make your first PayPal payment.
  • IVPN cannot charge anything to your account (unlike a debit/credit card where the card number is stored and could be charged at any time by the merchant).
  • As the account holder you are in full control of the subscription and can cancel the agreement anytime.
  • The merchant cannot change the amount paid, the date on which it is paid or any other aspect of the subscription agreement.