1. Check that your VPN username begins with the letters 'ivpn'. You can check your username in the Client Area.
  2. Ensure that you are using the correct password. By default, this is the password you entered during sign-up.
  3. Check that the password is entered in the correct case i.e. 'Hello' is not the same as 'hello'.
  4. Check that there are no space characters before or after the password. This is a common issue when using copy/paste!
  5. If you are still unable to connect, change your VPN password and try connecting again.
  6. If you are using Tunnelblick on macOS check that your username and password don't contain any non-ASCII characters. This is a known issue with Tunnelblick.
  7. If you are still unable to connect, your account is most likely disabled/suspended. Verify that your VPN account is active by logging into the client area. If your account has been suspended, renew your account to automatically unsuspended it.