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IVPN Facts

IVPN Facts

Here to learn more about IVPN? Are you a writer, blogger, reviewer or researcher? Find all information on our company, service and policies here, in one place.

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Company and Policies

The IVPN team consists of 13 individuals from 8 nations committed to fight for the right to privacy. We do not have a head office and our team members are distributed throughout the world.

Company operating IVPN

Privatus Limited
No parent or holding companies

Place of incorporation

5 Secretary’s lane, Gibraltar, GX11 1AA, Gibraltar

Owner and CEO

Nicholas Pestell
Sole owner

Key safeguards for protecting the privacy of our customers

No logs

We do not log anything in terms of user's activity while connected or connecting to the VPN: we do not store IP addresses of customers, nor connection, DNS request or traffic information.

No third parties

All limited customer data required for billing and account maintenance is stored in internal systems running on dedicated servers.

Nothing to share

We only respond to official requests for information from law enforcement agencies in Gibraltar and we do not share information on customer connections or activity, as we do not have any.

warrant canary

We actively maintain a Warrant Canary to confirm no warrants have been served, nor have any searches or seizures taken place.

safe location

Our place of incorporation, Gibraltar is an autonomous state and not part of the UK - it is not subject to the signals intelligence sharing of the 'five eyes' alliances.

open software

All IVPN apps are open source to allow verification by third parties. We also commit to regular independent security audits to improve our security practices and transparency.

Further measures to strengthen customer privacy protection

  • We do not host any external scripts on our website and do not pass on any customer related information to third parties.
  • We do not engage in advertising on Google or Facebook and other websites employing a surveillance based business model.
  • We offer anonymous payment options.
  • We never make promises on anonymity and perfect privacy to our customers that would create a false sense of complete protection.
  • We actively sponsor organizations fighting for the right to privacy like the EFF and the Open Rights Groups.
  • We publish extensive privacy guides and strive to educate our visitors and customers on all privacy-protecting measures.
Clients group

Trust and transparency

Our business model is exclusively based on paid subscriptions.

We do not own any other VPN services or VPN review sites.

We do not have an affiliate program and never pay for reviews.

For more details read our answers for CDT's 'Signals of Trustworthiness' project here.

Refund policy

No-questions-asked refund within 7 days of signing up automatically through client area or manually via support request.

Information required on signup

Only an email address is required, used to facilitate password resets and to send important updates relating to our service.

We do not require any other personally identifiable information with more anonymous payment methods such as cash or cryptocurrency.

  • Washington DC, USA
  • New York, USA
  • Chicago, USA
  • Los Angeles, USA
  • Salt Lake City, USA
  • Dallas, USA
  • Atlanta, USA
  • Miami, USA
  • New Jersey, USA
  • Seattle, USA
  • Las Vegas, USA
  • Phoenix, USA
  • Toronto, Canada
  • Montreal, Canada
  • Reykjavik, Iceland
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Paris, France
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Zurich, Switzerland
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Milan, Italy
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • Bucharest, Romania
  • Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • Madrid, Spain
  • Lisbon, Portugal
  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Oslo, Norway
  • Warsaw, Poland
  • Helsinki, Finland
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Singapore, Singapore
  • Brussels, Belgium
  • Luxembourg, Luxembourg
  • Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Holon, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Vienna, Austria
  • Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Kharkiv, Ukraine
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Franca, Brazil
  • Belgrade, Serbia

Protocol and Tools

IVPN supports the following VPN protocols







Please visit our Protocol Comparison chart for a detailed comparison of their performance and security properties.

  • AntiTracker that blocks ads, adware, malicious websites and data harvesting trackers.
  • Killswitch / Firewall option on macOS, Windows, Linux, Android and using the built-in On-demand feature on iOS.
  • Owned, secure no-logs DNS servers accessible through our VPN, preventing MITM attacks.
  • DNS, IPv6, disconnection and WebRTC leak prevention.
  • Multihop VPN routes connection through multiple servers in separate jurisdictions.
  • Port forwarding, reserved on all servers.
  • With Trusted networks customers can set rules for specific WiFi networks for automatic VPN connection/disconnection.
  • Pause VPN for situations when disabling the VPN connection temporarily is required (except iOS).
  • Obfsproxy option to circumvent censorship (Windows and MacOS clients and Linux using our guide).
We do not offer Static or dedicated IP when using our service as we believe shared IP's are essential for privacy protection.
IVPN does not support IPv6 connections at this time.

Further information

Customers can reach IVPN Customer Support through the following channels

We aim to respond to all requests in 24 hours and we typically address more than 98% of all issues within 8 hours.

We do not advertise or guarantee the following with IVPN service

  • Complete anonymity
  • Getting around the Great Firewall of China
  • Accessing geo-blocked content on Netflix, BBC iPlayer, etc.

Brand identity information, such as logo files, product screenshots and other assets are available on our Press Kit page.

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