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Get the most secure VPN for Windows

The IVPN app for Windows is developed for serious privacy & security with support for Windows 7/8/10.

  • 100% leak protection with the IVPN firewall
  • Automatic connection on insecure Wi-Fi
  • Easy to setup, no manual configuration
Download IVPN for Windows
SHA1: e4b42c17f2ea7d72fa7ffd39c08f9b2b4560559c See Changelog

More protection than any other VPN app

IVPN Firewall (Kill switch)

Prevent IP leaks that could compromise your privacy

IVPN for Windows has an integrated firewall offering the most advanced kill switch solution available, ensuring no privacy leaks are possible e.g. disconnection leaks, IPv6 leaks, DNS leaks, app crashes etc. Configure it always-on to protect the system before Windows is booted so you're always safe.

Insecure Wi-Fi Detection

You're always protected on insecure Wi-Fi

IVPN for windows can automatically connect to our secure network whenever you join an insecure Wi-Fi hotspot ensuring you’re always protected. Even if you're lured onto a rogue honeypot network posing as a well known hotspot you'll be safe as all your data is encrypted.


Use multihop if you don't trust the exit server location

The global surveillance apparatus is becoming increasingly sophisticated with their attacks on your privacy. IVPN can route your data through different jurisdictions to stop these adversaries in their tracks. Should the VPN server be compromised your private IP will still be hidden by the entry server.


Advanced obfuscation for bypassing censorship

VPN connections can be blocked or throttled by authoritarian governments or in some cases even your own ISP. IVPN allows you disguise your VPN connection so it appears unlike a VPN connection, bypassing these restrictive firewalls and ensuring your freedom.

Keep your data private in 3 simple steps

1. Create an account with IVPN

Signup for a free trial in 2 minutes - risk free. You'll receive an email with simple setup instructions.

2. Install IVPN on all devices

Download and install the IVPN app on your devices and choose one of our many secure servers to connect to.

3. Browse securely and privately

The app will encrypt all your Internet activity ensuring your online activity is private and secure.

With all the features you need

Easy Setup

Get started in minutes with our best-in-class apps, no complex setups wasting your time.

No Logs

We don't log any of your online activity – verified by independent audit results.

Paranoid Encryption

Secure and protect all your data with 256 bit AES + 4096 bit RSA encryption.

No Contract

Cancel your subscription anytime and easily with no questions asked. No bullshit.

Fast support

Our experts are available 24/7 to ensure you're never left waiting.

Multiple connections

Use IVPN on up to 5 devices with a single IVPN account, providing you even more value.

7-day refund

Try IVPN for 7 days and get a full refund if you are not delighted — no questions asked.

Own DNS Server

IVPN operates its own logless DNS servers to ensure your DNS requests don't leak.

Full Network Access

Connect to any of our servers in any location without restrictions. We're adding more every month.

More than 24,000+ people use IVPN daily. Here are some of their stories.

Protect yourself today and get peace of mind

Shut out hackers, identity thieves and the global government surveillance apparatus — every time you go online.