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Your Internet provider can track your Internet activity.

IVPN is a mission-driven company

Enabling humans with the power to control and secure their private information online.

We believe


Privacy is necessary for personal autonomy

We believe privacy is a necessary precondition for the development and preservation of our individual self. This power to selectively reveal oneself to the world requires strong cryptography which lies at the core of all our products.


Freedom is neccessary for an open society

We believe you have the right to freedom of opinion and expression online without interference or surveillance. Freedom leads to enhanced expressions of creativity and original thought. And we’re determined to protect that right with everything we do.

Net Neutrality

Freedom requires net neutrality

Internet service providers and other controlling authorities should enable access to all content equally. A free and open internet is essential for the spread of ideas, innovation, entrepreneurship and protecting freedom of speech.


Privacy requires strong security

Privacy is not simply a matter of choosing what to not share with the world. With the advent of cloud computing, corporations and governments are intent on invading our privacy and we need to employ strong encryption on all networks that we dont control.

What we have built

We have a network of over a hundred servers in over a dozen countries that over 120,000 people from around the world use daily to encrypt their Internet traffic. Our highly appraised apps were the first to offer many advanced security features such as the IVPN firewall and full network Multihop.

Meet the people behind

Founded in 2009 by a group of security professionals at the prestigious Information Security Group at the University of London (Royal Holloway), the team at IVPN has decades of professional experience.


Nicholas Pestell

Nick brings considerable expertise in risk management and security testing to his leadership role at IVPN. His experience includes working for Royal Bank of Scotland, Network Rail and ABN AMRO Bank. Today he leads the team at IVPN.


Fedir Nepyivoda

With more than 15 years of experience in software design and architecture, Fedir leads IVPN’s software development team. He is responsible for the technical details that safeguard your online privacy.



As chartered accountant with decades of experience and holding a Msc in Information security, Richard ensures that we don't overspend whilst simultaneously dishing out security advice.

Head of Infrastructure


With more than 20 years working with Unix and Linux Iain knows a thing or two. He manages the team responsible for keeping the systems running smoothly.

Head of web development


Dmytro has been developing software for longer than he can remember. As a master of agile he keeps the development team operating at full efficiency.

Head of customer service


John has over 8 years of years experience supporting customers with VPN's. He brings empathy, a passion for technology and an upbeat attitude to our customer service experience.

Head of Devops


Vinicius leads the team responsible for operations automation. He's been working with system administration and Linux since he was a teenager in the 90's. He was the first employee to join IVPN.

Head of Design


As a seasoned brand & product designer working for leading ad agencies, startups and publicly listed companies Alex takes care of the look, usability & simplicity of IVPN’s products and website.

Become a part of this journey

If you are passionate about privacy and would like to work with like minded people on something that will shape the future of online privacy.

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